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100 Amazing Facts About Your Food - Full PDF download, ON SALE now!
From the editors of NaturalNews, this downloadable (PDF) report reveals 100 amazing facts about the food you eat: What's in it, where it comes from, amazing cures and much more...

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Discover shocking things about your food that you never knew... natural cures, surprising ingredients, amazing origins and more

Do you really know what's in your food, where it comes from, and how it's made? Did you know that some foods played a critical role in human history, enabling the expansion of civilization?

This report, 100 Amazing Facts About Food reveals some of the most astonishing things you've probably never known about your food.

Created by Mike Adams, and the editors of NaturalNews, this report delivers 100 short articles that will shock you about the food you've been eating your whole life!

You'll learn about natural cures, food origins, weird (and gross!) ingredients, how food is made and even which foods can help replace medications!

Check out the examples on the right to see some of the highlights of the report.

Full PDF download!

This report is offered as a full PDF download, viewable on any computer. It is DRM-free (no copy protection) and can be freely downloaded, saved and viewed on any computer.

Once you download this PDF, feel free to share it via email with your friends and family! (Please don't post it to the web, however.)

You can also print it out and read it on paper, or hand it to a friend who would be fascinated by the information. This is really mind-expanding knowledge about food.

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Want to preview this report before buying it? You can download the first 25 Amazing Facts About Your Food absolutely free!

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And if you enjoy the 25 Amazing Facts, then feel free to purchase the full 100 facts report here on WebSeed.com. You will learn a tremendous amount from this report, and some of what you learn here will deeply surprise you!

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Presenter: Mike Adams
Includes: 1 Downloadable Documents
Price: $9.95 USD On Sale! $6.95
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  • Which food from the ocean is a powerful anti-obesity medicine that works better than prescription drugs!
  • The truth about deceptive food labeling: Why you can never trust the calorie count claims on conventional foods.
  • Why some junk foods can be more addictive than heroin due to the use of chemical additives. We reveal what to avoid...
  • How the world food supply is now threatened by mass die-offs of bats and bees.
  • Think your food is expensive? Here's the true story about the $6,000 watermelon auctioned in Japan!
  • The crucial role of the date palm in the history of human civilization and how it allowed our ancestors to branch out from North Africa.
  • Did you know that farmed fish factories use chemical flavor enhancers and color additives to make their farmed fish taste more like "wild caught" fish? Details revealed...
  • Wild rice isn't actually a rice. It's a grass. Know what else is a grass? Sugar cane...
  • The amazing anti-cancer nutrient found in olive leaves and raw olives.
  • Details about the world's most expensive spice, which sells for up to $5,000 a pound! (Hint: It's harvested from flowers!)
  • The common culinary herb you can eat that reduces inflammation better than prescription drugs.
  • The amazing Incan superfood that can improve mental function, stabilize moods and help eliminate sexual dysfunction.
  • Which readily available tea contains medicinal compounds that have been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of both heart disease and cancer.
  • Which common sweetener substance is actually a powerful first aid wound treatment and effective antibacterial that can even kill superbugs!
  • The secrets of food-based deodorizers that can clean your breath and body smells simply by eating a few simple foods and supplements!
  • ... plus learn 85 more Amazing Facts about food in this downloadable report!

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